Comrade Cabbie

Welcome, Comrade, to the Asteroid Collective!

You have signed on as the local community cabbie and you're determined to make these rocks a better place, starting with Home Asteroid.

Pickup your passengers from pickup points, follow the compass and take them to their dropoff point.

If you can make 5 timely dropoffs more asteroids await!

Good luck, Comrade!


  • Accelerate — ⬆️
  • Turn left / right — ⬅️ / ➡️
  • Menu — Esc/ Start (on controllers)

Game Jam

This is an entry for Eggplant Community Game Jam #19 where the theme is "Expanding Your Universe 🪐💗". The source for this game can be be found in the comrade-cabbie repo.


This is the seventh game I've completed and released, I hope you enjoy it!

Huge thanks to Stevia Sphere for the beautiful game music—A Mimir.

Thanks to Godot Foundation and all the Godot contributors for Godot, it was a delight to work with and come to grips with.

A big thank you to the Eggplant Show community who inspired me to make another game and have given great feedback along the way.


All source and assets are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International